Welcome to the Ethical Gem Fair 2023!

Please find below our program of educational sessions during our 4-day event. A pair of us will discuss twice a day and in an informal setting, hot topics in our industry. Our morning sessions start at 10 am and our afternoon session starts at 2 pm.

Day 1 - Sat 1/28

AM: Miner to Market Traceability (Eric Braunwart of Columbia Gem House & Monica Stephenson of ANZA Gems)

What does a traceable supply chain look like from the miner to the market? What players are involved?

How have you each incorporated this into your business model?

PM: Directly Supporting Mining Communities (Hewan Zewdi of Agere Treasures & Brian Cook of Nature’s Geometry)

What does it look like to directly support a mining community?

What challenges do you run into when working directly with artisanal miners? And how do you support a more equitable relationship for each person from mine to market?

Day 2 - Sun 1/29

AM: Know Your Cutter (Eric Braunwart of Columbia Gem House & Susan Wheeler of Virtu Gem)

Why should you care about where your gems are cut? Can you talk about some of the issues that exist in relation to cutting gemstones?

Can you discuss the challenges of responsible cutting?

PM: Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability (Monica Stephenson of ANZA Gems & Brian Cook of Nature’s Geometry)

It’s important to note that the activity of mining itself is not necessarily sustainable as gem deposits are a finite resource. What are some of the ways you as a supplier have supported or developed a sustainable supply through your work of responsible sourcing?

Day 3 - Mon 1/30

AM: Words Matter: What Does Responsible Mean to you? (Stuart Poole of Nineteen48 & Hewan Zewdi of Agere Treasures)

What have you done personally to navigate greenwashing?

What are some of the things you recommend designers look for or ask about when trying to determine if their suppliers are actively involved vs. just using a buzz word?

PM: Natural, Recycled & Lab Grown Gems (Jay Moncada of Perpetuum Jewels & Ian Bone of Capricorn Gems)

What are the pros and cons of natural vs recycled vs lab grown? And why have you each chosen to focus in the areas you have?

What are some of the concerns designers should consider when deciding to buy natural vs recycled vs lab grown gems?

Day 4 - Tues 1/31

AM: Beyond Country of Origin (Stuart Poole of Nineteen48 & Ian Bone of Capricorn Gems)

Why is it important to know more than just where the gem comes from?

Lots of people focus on mining, but it’s also valuable to know where your gem was cut. Can you share more about your respective supply chains?

PM: Standards + Certifications: Why They Matter (Jay Moncada of Perpetuum Jewels & Susan Wheeler of Virtu Gem)

Why does getting certified matter/why should other wholesalers pursue this?

You each have been involved in the creation of standards for your source of gemstones. Can you share more about your respective certifications and how designers can benefit from buying from certified suppliers?

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