Do you want jewellery that is beautiful from beginning to end?

Then you want responsibly sourced gemstones.

Please enjoy this gallery of beautifully-made jewellery, all created with responsibly sourced gemstones provided by members of the Ethical Gem Suppliers collaborative.

Alex Monroe

Garnet Princess Ring

Barbora Rybarova

Diana Porter

Emily C Helsea

Flamingo Jewellery

Amythest Pendant

Flamingo Jewellery

Amythest Ring

Hannah Bedford

Sapphire Earrings

Hannah Long

Marlborough Chrysoprase

Harriet Kelsall

Triple Sapphire Pendant

Jemma Slade

Kendra Grace

Legendary Aroma Jewels

Laurie Flemming

Niki Grandics

Earpiece Drops

Niki Grandics

Garabina Earrings

Octavia Elizabeth

Rollo Jewellery

Moyo Amethyst Pendant

Sarah Gardner

Shuka Zamani

Moonstone Pendant

Sian Lily Jewellery


Rough Sapphire Ring

Victoria Jarman

Sapphire Rings

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