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2021 Ethical Gem Fair

Online: June 10-12, 2021

Welcome Session - What Is An Ethical Gemstone?

Speakers: Hewan Zewdi, Monica Stephenson, Eric Braunwart, Stuart Pool, Susan Wheeler, Ian Bone, Jay Moncada, Quendi Cook, Brian Cook

Join the members of Ethical Gem Suppliers as we kick off our second virtual event. Meet the players, learn what to expect, and get ready to start shopping for responsible gems! Each supplier will then give their interpretation of what makes an ethical gemstone, and how they responsibly approach sourcing, cutting, and the supply chain.

Can Mining Be Environmentally Neutral?

Speakers: Stuart Pool, Ian Bone, Susan Wheeler, Brian Cook

Moderator Susan Wheeler asks this question and invites discussion among gem suppliers Ian Bone, Stuart Pool, and Brian Cook, all of whom approach mining with environmental sensitivity in varied regions.

Let's Talk About Recycled Diamonds and Gemstones

Speakers: Quendi Cook, Jay Moncada

Quendi Cook in conversation with Jay Moncada about the nuances behind the term "recycled" as it applies to gemstones, what certifications are available and what they mean for designers and retailers looking to incorporate them.

What About Cutting? Supporting Ethical Faceting/Polishing

Speakers: Eric Braunwart, Hewan Zewdi, Susan Wheeler

Often overlooked, faceting and polishing of gemstones is an important area of consideration when evaluating gem suppliers and their approach to a responsible supply chain.

What I Learned at the Mines

Speakers: Monica Stephenson, Hewan Zewdi, Susan Wheeler, Jessica Hudson

Sourcing Gemstones from Australia and Ethiopia

Speakers: Ian Bone, Hewan Zewdi

Gemstone mining does not look the same the world over. Come find out more about the varieties of artisanal and small scale mines in two very different regions of Australia and Ethiopia.

Models for an Ethical/Responsible Gem Business: Moyo, Virtu Gem, and Columbia Gem House

Speakers: Monica Stephenson, Susan Wheeler, Eric Braunwart, Stuart Pool, Jessica Hudson

Curious about the details of responsible gem sourcing initiatives? Find out more about programs that are about supporting and sustaining mining communities.

Behind the Headlines of Lab Grown Diamonds

Speaker: Jay Moncada

Can Lab Grown Diamonds sustain a path beyond the fad and within ethical sourcing options? Let's discuss.

Is Transparency and Traceability the Whole Story?

Speakers: Hewan Zewdi, Ian Bone, Stuart Pool

Transparency and traceability in the gemstone supply chain is the holy grail, but there is more to consider in a holistic sourcing approach as these suppliers will share in their own experiences.

Beyond the Mine | Educating Consumers on Ethical Choices

Speakers: Eric Braunwart, Brian Cook

Educating Consumers on Ethical Choices: Why it is critical that retailers and those at the end of a gem's journey are able to create demand for, as well as educate and communicate trust and transparency to the consumer.

Community Development | Education & Building Sustainable Mining Communities

Speakers: Hewan Zewdi, Monica Stephenson, Susan Wheeler, Brian Cook

Suppliers share a few ways to support the most critical, and vulnerable, part of the supply chain in ways that develop participation and empowerment.

How Do I Buy an Ethical Gemstone?

Speakers: Hewan Zewdi, Monica Stephenson, Ian Bone, Eric Braunwart, Jay Moncada, Quendi Cook, Stuart Pool, Susan Wheeler, Brian Cook

Practical advice and tips for navigating suppliers and claims in the global gemstone market.

Ask Me Anything

Speakers: Hewan Zewdi, Monica Stephenson, Jay Moncada, Stuart Pool, Susan Wheeler, Quendi Cook, Eric Braunwart, Ian Bone, Brian Cook

Come with your questions and thoughts to help us conclude our Ethical Gem Fair!